One kitty, Two kitties

I am laying there in bed or on a sofa. A guy that I am talking to is sitting in a chair across from me. This adorable kitty with brown spots on its white coat comes crawling up on me and rests on my hip because I am laying on my side. It gives me this look and starts clawing my hip to make itself more comfortable. I try to pet the kitty and it lets me but then it sees my finger and starts to bite it. It didn’t hurt but then again this was happening in a dream. I hear the guy in the chair tell me that “if she is biting you then she likes you”. I respond with “oh okay”. After that first kitten bites my finger, she climbs off and walks away. The second kitty was this pretty dark gray kitty all curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed or sofa I was laying on and it was sound asleep. As soon as I saw that gray kitty, I woke up.

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Biscuit and Gravy Bake for a lazy Sunday. Thanks Buzzfeed Tasty! My very own tardis bookends! The gifts keep on coming even after Christmas! 😍💙 Finally a proud owner of purple lightsaber chopsticks! Dreams do come true 😍💜 Time Traveller's Weekend at the Renaissance Festival brought to you by your favorite doctors! 🤓🇬🇧 #whovians #allonsy #geronimo @themermaidnetwork got me an early birthday gift! Allons-y! #doctorwho #whovian #funkopop 🤓🇬🇧 I think there might be fellow #whovians in my neighborhood?! #pandorica 🤓🇬🇧

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