Fashion Friday – Maisie Williams: 2015 SAG Awards

How grown up does Maisie Williams look? She is growing into a beautiful young lady while Arya Stark is still a stubborn tomboy who will does as she pleases. Game of Thrones comes back in a couple of days so why not dedicate my Friday to one of my favorite female characters :) I am really liking the use of color and lace in this dress. Not sure who the designer is but it fits Maisie’s frame very well. I also like the gold pointed toe heels to give it that pop of glamour and color.

Meme Monday 7

Oh man the struggle is SO REAL.
-The Christine Life

Man Crush Monday 11

Mr.Β Patrick Dempsey

He will be forever known as Doctor McDreamy!
-The Christine Life

Meme Monday 6

I could totally hear Katt Williams saying this. But for real though.. let’s classy it up ladies.
-The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: 2015 SAG Awards

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting almost camouflages with the red carpet but I really like this look on her. The simplistic cut of the dress and the bow belt detail really makes this dress work. Ramona Kaveza designed this dress and sometimes less is more. The accessories that Kaley adds to this dress go well with all the red she is wearing. I personally could not rock the short pixie cut but she looks great with it :)

Man Crush Monday 10

Mr.Β Kit Harington

Jon Snow may not know anything but he can definitely get to know me ;)
-The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Emma Stone: 2015 SAG Awards

Black and sheer… just how I like it! Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses and always looks great on the red carpet. This lovely dress was designed by Dior and I am in love. It is a new spin on little black dress. Adding the sheer to this dress allows the dress to be a little more formal for an event like the SAG Awards. I also love that the dress has some baby pockets because who doesn’t love a dress with storage?? The red lip and earrings is all the glitz Emma needs to rock this look this award season.

Meme Monday 5

This meme sums up my non-existent love life…. Who doesn’t love stuffed crust pizza?? haha
-The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Anna Kendrick: 2015 Oscars

This was the first look that I saw on the Oscars red carpet and how great does Anna Kendrick look?? The color is so great and beautiful. As simple as this dress is, the collar that holds the dress up ties completes the dress with just enough glitz to make it a dress worthy for the Oscars. The designer who designed this dress was Thakoon. I also love that she went with an updo hairstyle because she was able to show off that collar piece and it is a classic hairstyle that can be used for any event.

Meme Monday 4

The cat has spoken! I has the dumb…. Is it the weekend yet? LOL
-The Christine Life

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