Old Lady… Say what?

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: When were you offended by an old lady?!

When I was job hunting… I went to a consulting company that helped big companies find potential candidates for jobs. Well the lady that contacted me was an older lady which was fine. She had more criticism than anything else. I did not think what I had on was offensive or too scandalous.. My shirt might have had a low neckline but nothing to get all up in arms about. She told me that I should not wear my outfit to a potential interview and etc. I mean… yes I know this but obviously you are screening me and my final interview isn’t with you. She also asked how I would prioritize things such as location, salaray, moving up in the company, etc. Once again… still judging how I ranked those items. By the end of this whole meeting, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. With all her unhelpful comments and criticism… it made me wonder is she like this to all her potential prospects? Sorry I didn’t put on a full on dress suit for you Penny… Yes… her name was Penny.

Fashion Friday – Maisie Williams: 2015 SAG Awards

How grown up does Maisie Williams look? She is growing into a beautiful young lady while Arya Stark is still a stubborn tomboy who will does as she pleases. Game of Thrones is finally back in full force so why not dedicate my Friday to one of my favorite female characters :) I am really liking the use of color and lace in this dress. Not sure who the designer is but it fits Maisie’s frame very well. I also like the gold pointed toe heels to give it that pop of glamour and color.

Fashion Friday – Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: 2015 SAG Awards

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting almost camouflages with the red carpet but I really like this look on her. The simplistic cut of the dress and the bow belt detail really makes this dress work. Ramona Kaveza designed this dress and sometimes less is more. The accessories that Kaley adds to this dress go well with all the red she is wearing. I personally could not rock the short pixie cut but she looks great with it :)

Recycled Wedding

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: It’s time for Emergency Group Therapy…A guy emailed us saying he had some concerns about his upcoming wedding. As it turns out, his fiancé has been previously engaged and planned an entire wedding in the process. He’s realizing she’s using the same music, same dress, same everything, for THEIR wedding. He has mixed feeling about it. He’s feeling like she just “plugged him into” a wedding she planned to have with a different guy. Can you see his point?

It is one thing to reuse previous ideas but she should definitely take the time to customize the plans she already had in mind with her new fiance. It is not okay to just plop your soon to be husband into a wedding where everything is all planned out with a previous guy. Instead of starting from scratch, she could easily alter things like wedding colors, music selections, and etc. to make it all about them and not about her and the previous guy. Wouldn’t it be annoying to have reminders of someone else than who you are going to spend the rest of your life with on what is supposed to be the most important day of your life?? He is not in the wrong here and she should take his input to make him feel included. I know most guys aren’t into wedding planning or any of the details but if I ever get married then I would like it to be all about equality and making sure both sides are happy :)

Fashion Friday – Emma Stone: 2015 SAG Awards

Black and sheer… just how I like it! Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses and always looks great on the red carpet. This lovely dress was designed by Dior and I am in love. It is a new spin on little black dress. Adding the sheer to this dress allows the dress to be a little more formal for an event like the SAG Awards. I also love that the dress has some baby pockets because who doesn’t love a dress with storage?? The red lip and earrings is all the glitz Emma needs to rock this look this award season.

A notebook

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: We got an email from one of our radio friends…She says she has a bad memory so she keeps a notebook at her desk. In the notebook, she keeps notes about her boyfriend and all the sweet things he’s done for her. She says it includes gift ideas for him, happy moments they’ve had together, and other things. She says there’s nothing negative about him in there. Recently, he found the notebook and he didn’t know how to react. What should she do? Should he be worried? How would you react?

I personally don’t see anything wrong with this gesture. It would be borderline psycho if she wrote down the negative things about her boyfriend and etc. I think it is sweet and it is always nice to remember the good things. Our memory can only retain so many details so documenting your most memorable details in a notebook is a great idea. It is no different than a person creating a scrapbook. The guy in this situation should keep up the good work because girls are too easy to focus on the negative. If we take the time to document then we obviously care and want to remember all the good stuff.

Time for a change

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: We heard from a guy who saw himself on “People of Walmart” and he realized it was time to get it together….He now always dresses better and styles his hair when he goes out in public. What changed you? What did you see that made you change something about yourself?

I was so used to walking around everywhere when I was in college and it was my fitness from sunrise to sundown. Once I graduated… the walking started to decrease and I wasn’t as “active” as I had once been. I have a friend who is all about fitness and tries to better herself by hitting up the gym and eating healthy so I decided I would give it a shot and try Zumba. I immediately fell in love and it was so fun. I am not coordinated enough for dancing but with Zumba, it is basically like follow the leader. I ate way too much junk in my last two years of college so I decided to start eating more healthy and paid more attention to portion control. I can now eat a modest amount of food and still be full. It is a great feeling when you do something for yourself because you want to :)

Fashion Friday – Anna Kendrick: 2015 Oscars

This was the first look that I saw on the Oscars red carpet and how great does Anna Kendrick look?? The color is so great and beautiful. As simple as this dress is, the collar that holds the dress up ties completes the dress with just enough glitz to make it a dress worthy for the Oscars. The designer who designed this dress was Thakoon. I also love that she went with an updo hairstyle because she was able to show off that collar piece and it is a classic hairstyle that can be used for any event.

Fashion Friday – Camila Alves: 2015 SAG Awards

A vision in purple is what Camila Alves looks like. I might be bias because I love the color purple but this dress looks great on her. It was designed by Donna Karen. I am really liking the asymetrical drape that turns into a train. The sweetheart neckline of the dress is always a classic cut and shows off all the right curves Camila has going on.

Fashion Friday – Taylor Swift: 2015 Grammys

Hello Taylor! It was LOVE at first sight when I saw this dress on the 2015 Grammys red carpet. Once again my favorite designer Elie Saab doesn’t disappoint and how gorgeous is the color?? I think the dress fits Taylor’s slim figure very well and shows a modest amount of skin. The halter style mixed with a high-low dress go so well together and there is no room for a wardrobe malfunction. The shoes are also a nice pop of color and my favorite color so this was a great look for the Grammys :)

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