Fashion Friday – Duchess of Cambridge

I don’t think there is anything that the Duchess of Cambridge cannot pull of. Her sense of fashion is always so classy and fresh. It is not over the top and she makes every outfit seem effortless. In the above tweet for example, Diana wore a beautiful white and gold dress so naturally Kate wore a similar dress as well. Not sure if the fashion choice was intentional or maybe they decided to turn to Diana for inspiration but both women look absolutely stunning. Kate is a very down to earth girl who is very humble and almost relatable when it comes to her sense of style or how she is raising her children. Keep up the amazing job of being you Kate!


Fashion Friday – Carrie Underwood: 2015 CMT Awards

carrie-thomas wylde-cmt
How gorgeous does Carrie look in this Thomas Wylde dress?? I don’t think there is anything she can’t wear and not look fabulous doing so. The details on the dress adds just enough red carpet glam that she doesn’t have to do too much with accessories. The zebra clutch she is carrying is too cute and its not too big or small. I also love what she did with her hair. It is so shiny and full of fun layers. Don’t forget her cute shoes! They are not too flashy and don’t clash with her dress. I am really liking the ankle straps too. Carrie was always one of my favorite American Idols just because she is so talented, down to earth, and has impeccable fashion choices. You do you Carrie!

Silly Frat Boys

What else is there to say but um…. REALLY? I understand that these fraternities are trying to be funny but these banners are just uncalled for especially on move in days. What kind of a message do you think parents, peers, visitors, etc will interpret from these banners? Obviously NOT a good one. Aren’t fraternities supposed to be about brotherhood and doing the greater good? Instead of creating proper banners that give a positive message about your organization… let’s make some banners that showcase your true intentions with freshmen girls, SERIOUSLY?? Clean up your act boys and have some more self respect for the ladies!

Man Servant?

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: A new survey found the best ways you can make a woman feel loved. Here are the top seven things that make a woman feel loved… TJ said all these things make the guy become a “servant” in the relationship.
1. Cooking for her.
2. Giving her a compliment.
3. Doing the dishes.
4. Offering to get the groceries.
5. Buying her a random gift.
6. Taking her on a surprise weekend trip.
7. Carrying her bags.

What woman wouldn’t want a man to do any of the things mentioned in the top 7 list?? I mean of course any man who can accomplish all 7 gets major bonus points but even doing just a few would make just about any woman quite happy. I believe it is the little things in life that we tend to appreciate more. I don’t speak for all the ladies but if a guy does any of the above of his own free will, I’d say he is a keeper. Even if a man willingly does all the things listed above, he doesn’t make him a “servant”. Who’s to say he isn’t thoughtful and helpful? They are hard to come by but there could be some good ones left. Now if the woman is abusing the man’s affection to get him to do things for her… that would not be okay. How can I would not mind the top 6. As far as carrying my bags? I don’t go shopping that often but if I do then I like to carry my own purchases. Groceries on the other hand… he can definitely carry those 🙂

Fashion Friday – Christian Siriano: Bright Paisley Floral Cape

There are not enough words to describe how much I am in LOVE with this dress/cape ensemble! I would wear this outfit all the time. The color is fun and happy. The cape looks sheer so that would make it lightweight and not too heavy to wear. The paisley/baroque pattern is one of my favorites and it gives this dress and cape so much class that it would be appropriate for any special occasion that you would have to attend. Christian Siriano never fails to impress so be prepared to see more Fashion Fridays featuring his work 🙂

Fashion Friday – Ellie Goulding: 2015 Met Gala

Who doesn’t love a good Marchesa gown??? This one is simply stunning and very appropriate for the Met Gala! It is so shimmery and with this much detail work there isn’t much need for accessories. This dress reminds me of a new age long flapper dress. Not sure how long a dress like this would be to make but Marchesa did a wonderful job and Ellie Goulding looks fabulous in it! Love those smoky eyes and her signature smolder.

Fashion Friday – Wedding Dresses by Valentino

Behold the gorgeous dresses and brides that are featured from the tweet! My goodness the detail work is immaculate and so picture perfect. Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.04.15 AM
Although this dress is not your traditional white… I am loving the color choice they went with! It is not too bold or flashy. Just a hint of color. A light lavender I believe? I also love that Beatrice Borromeo’s dress has sleeves. How cute is that??

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.04.27 AM
Nicky Hilton went with the traditional white dress and it is absolutely stunning. The lace and detail work that is on the sleeves and collar of her dress adds such an elegance to this dress. If you are going to get married only once, you should go all out right?

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.04.37 AMFrida Giannini had Team Valentino design this dress for her. I am not sure if the dress is the traditional white or this pale blush color but either way it looks like it will be absolutely beautiful going down the aisle. I really love the shear overlay that covers the upper chest and collar. It allows everything to stay put if it was me in a dress like that.

Fashion Friday – Emma Stone: 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Emma Stone is one of my favorite celebs to keep up with just because not only is she talented but whoever chooses her outfits and gowns for her to wear has impeccable tastes. I love this beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress! It is a fresh new way to jazz up the little black dress. The lace on the top half of the dress is so classy and perfect for a red carpet look. I believe those swirly pieces of tulle (correct me if I am wrong) add another element of fun as she is in motion. With a dress this intricate, you don’t need many accessories and I like that she is wearing just two rings for that added little glitz. She almost looks like a picturesque doll.

No thanks…

Who needs a good laugh? I couldn’t make this up even if I tried…

22 years old – Winston Salem, NC

“Hey if you won’t some one to have sex with Im here i have no std just looking to have fun”

1. SO. MANY. GRAMMATICAL. ERRORS. – A major turn off for me. Where are your punctuations? Proper capitalization? Ugh….
2. Why is “won’t” the equivalent to “want”?
3. If you are making the statement of “I have no std”… I am going to assume you might have encountered some before?

Fashion Friday – Mindy Kaling: 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Mindy Kaling is rocking this two piece dress. I am loving the color combo she has going on in this Salvador Perez gown. The style of the dress reminds me of a modern day sari. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is traditional wear that Indian women would wear. Think Bollywood. The detail trim gives this dress enough glitz for the red carpet and you might not see it at first but that thigh high slit is very sexy. I love her and how confident she is in herself and everything that she does!

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