No thanks…

Who needs a good laugh? I couldn’t make this up even if I tried…

22 years old – Winston Salem, NC

“Hey if you won’t some one to have sex with Im here i have no std just looking to have fun”

1. SO. MANY. GRAMMATICAL. ERRORS. – A major turn off for me. Where are your punctuations? Proper capitalization? Ugh….
2. Why is “won’t” the equivalent to “want”?
3. If you are making the statement of “I have no std”… I am going to assume you might have encountered some before?

Fashion Friday – Mindy Kaling: 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Mindy Kaling is rocking this two piece dress. I am loving the color combo she has going on in this Salvador Perez gown. The style of the dress reminds me of a modern day sari. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is traditional wear that Indian women would wear. Think Bollywood. The detail trim gives this dress enough glitz for the red carpet and you might not see it at first but that thigh high slit is very sexy. I love her and how confident she is in herself and everything that she does!

Boss Man said…

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: What is the strangest task your boss has asked you to do?

Here is some back story… my boss and his now ex-wife were legally married for about 2 years? So last summer in July he went to the Philippines to have a big ceremony with his wife’s family. Little did we know that she was going to call it quits a few months later. So I get a message from my boss… he tells me to use my Photoshop skills on a picture to add his name and her name to the back of this bench overlooking the Golden Gate bridge because that is where he proposed to her. I didn’t ask questions so I just did what he told me to do. It was a good attempt but they ended up going their separate ways.

Fashion Friday – Christian Siriano: Black Dress

I knew that Christian Siriano was going to do great things the moment I first saw him win on Project Runway! With a name like that… how could you not?? This dress that he tweeted out is stunning! I would not have the guts to wear it but kudos to any lady that does. The plunging neckline in the front and back is so classy and sexy all at the same time. Pair this dress up with some cute shoes and an up-do hairstyle and you are ready to turn some heads!

Fashion Friday – Lupita Nyong’o: 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Green with envy is all I can think of when I see this gorgeous dress on Lupita Nyong’o! This dress by Gucci is just the right shade of green to where she does not look like a Christmas tree on the red carpet and with her dark complexion, the dress comes to life even more if that makes any sense? I love the flower details on her shoulders as well as the high empire banded waist. The low cut neckline is just enough without going overboard. The dress looks very fluid and seems like a comfortable one to wear. The accessories are simple and elegant. Instead of dangling earrings like she has on now, I would have suggested studs instead in order to allow more time spent looking at the flower details on her shoulders. A gorgeous ensemble nonetheless!

Fashion Friday – July 4th Outfit

July 4th is almost here and it is up to you how literal you want to dress up for it! You could deck yourself out in everything american flag but if you wanted to be a little more subtle and work with the color schemes of red, white, and blue, you can do that too! I was invited to a 4th of July party as most of you will and you want to look your best and show off that American pride :) There are plenty of ideas in the image above. You might actually own a lot of the colors already so now it is just a matter of matching and pairing your outfit together.

I will most likely be wearing blue denim shorts with stars imprinted on them (how appropriate!), a white top, red flats with anchors on them, a necklace, and to top it all off, I bought a patriotic bow from the Dollar Store that I will be wearing in my hair. Happy 4th of July y’all!

Fashion Friday – Elizabeth Olsen in Tokyo

Hello Scarlet Witch! Elizabeth Olsen is looking like perfection in Tokyo promoting what I assume is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Dior is another designer that I admire because of how flawless their dresses can be. This one is no exception! Can’t go wrong with black and the high-low cut. I am really liking what I assume is a bow tied around the waist? Her shoes match her jewelry with that silver/diamond accent. A classy look for a red carpet movie premiere!

Fashion Friday – Beyonce: 2015 Met Gala

Add showstopper to Beyonce’s resume! How gorgeous does she look here?? The Met Gala theme was China: Through the looking glass I believe? Correct me if I am wrong but needless to say all the stars came out and the outfits did not disappoint! I could not believe how intricate and beautiful this Givenchy dress is! The amount of time to put all the details on must of took forever! Beyonce pulls off this dress with such ease that there is nothing she can’t wear or do. The high ponytail was a good choice to keep it out of the way and to not cover up any of the gorgeous details on this dress. Nude shoes are also a staple in any wardrobe. This dress is almost like a walking work of art. A dress fitting for Queen B! This look was definitely my top favorites from the 2015 Met Gala.

Achy Breaky Heart

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: What’s the best advice you can give to someone with a broken heart?

Broken hearts can heal. Don’t give the person who broke it the satisfaction of seeing you so defeated and distraught. You have to pick yourself back up and continue on. Allow yourself time to see that the person who broke your heart was not worthy of having it in the first place. You know what you like and dislike so just don’t settle for less. Make sure that the next time you are ready to give your heart to someone that they are willing to treat you how you wanted to be treated and will stick around even when things get tough or crazy. Starting out as friends with someone might not be a bad idea either just so there is no pressure of labels and you two can get to know each other before committing to something more serious. Keep your head up and take each day as it comes.

Fashion Friday – Music Festival Style

Music Festivals are popping up everywhere left and right and if you happen to find yourself attending one of these events. You have the ability to dress outside of the box. Music festivals are really popular in the summer months so wearing something that will keep you cool is ideal. I would suggest a fun, flowy dress or skirt and top ensemble to allow you to still look cute and your clothes aren’t sticking to you. If dresses and skirts are not your thing then go for some cotton or denim shorts. They are just as effective and come in all sizes, colors, and designs. Check out some fun examples below :)



musicfest3      musicfest4

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