Motivational Monday 47

[Life is all about learning. In order to know what is right vs. wrong… you have to endure some failures in order to learn from them so you don’t end up making the same mistake. When you win, you know that you are doing something right and when you don’t… then you learn from it and try again.] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show features so many lovely pieces of lingerie as well as amazing angels wings that take a year to make. So that means that when the fashion show is over, it is back to the drawing board to plan next year’s show! Seeing how the wings are put together and constructed is simply amazing for the fact that they are different every year and the amount of details put into it is astonishing!

There are usually music artists that perform as well while the models do their thing on the runway and this year’s notable performer was Taylor Swift! She was able to pull off two very different but tasteful lingerie ensembles. She is such a classy girl and can pull off anything from what I can see.

Some people might think that this fashion show is trashy, soft porn, etc. I don’t see it that way. It is almost unreal how gorgeous these girls are but they work hard to represent their brand. If their bodies make you feel bad about yourself then either look away or do something about it! A lot of girls tend to complain about how the models need to eat something, too skinny, etc. Instead of body shamming we need to learn to love all body shapes and strive to better oneself because of personal choice not because of social pressure.

Check out the slideshow of my favorite angels from the evening:

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Man Candy Monday 4

Mr. Hugh Jackman

He sure does clean up nicely when he is not kicking ass as Wolverine.
-The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – My First Michael Kors

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.40.51 PM
Meet my newest prized possession! My very first Michael Kors bag! I wasn’t going to splurge this holiday season but the Michael Kors outlet that I bought this baby from was having 25% off which never happens so I had to give in and buy one! I was doing so good until I saw this bag and fell in love! I believe it is called the Saffiano Satchel? Correct me if I am wrong! haha The bag is super roomy and has all kinds of pockets on the inside for storage. There is also a pocket on the back of the bag for you to put your cell phone in which is handy since I always misplace mine if it is not in my hand. The exterior of the bag has a special type of coating to help make the bag last longer and easier to clean.

I had contemplated between the traditional “MK” print all over the bag vs. a pop of color. I don’t know about you but when it comes to bags or accessories of any kind… I like to have something that not very many people have. I like to be unique and stand out from the crowd so a pop of color was what I went with!

Motivational Monday 46

[A not so bad rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” by a group of misfit kids in high school who will never change who they are. As the song says… “Don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeling.” Keep your dreams and goals alive, no matter what.] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Thanksgiving Outfit

How adorable is this outfit?? I found it on Pinterest and had to create a post for it! It is so simple yet cozy for the holidays. I know Thanksgiving just past but the colors are great! I really love boots and the only time to wear them is during the fall. They also keep you warm and look great with a dress and a cardigan. I am so also obsessed with monogrammed anything so the clutch featured here is fun and just the right size! Enjoy the fall while it lasts!

Man Crush Monday 3

Mr. Ryan Reynolds

Black and white never looked so hot! Blake Lively is one lucky girl!
-The Christine Life

She doesn’t like Asian girls…

Apparently Asian girls have a stereotype that they play into such as irresistible sex kittens. This point of view was brought to my attention by my very good friend John. Let’s call this girl, “A”. Now according to “A” she doesn’t really understand why guys have such a fixation on Asian girls. I was also told that she automatically doesn’t like Asian girls. Period. Now my thinking is… is it because she is racist? What is her real reason?? My very good friend John proceeds to tell me that she has a hard time trusting and being friends with other girls but the kicker for her strong prejudice against Asian girls is…. *drumroll* please… simply for the fact that the guys she has encountered thus far in life have some sort of obsession or liking for Asian girls.

I have done nothing but be civil to “A”. This is the first time I am hearing that she may or may not like me. I like to think I am very friendly and likable so I couldn’t understand why she had an agenda against me. The only thing that I think that really irks her about me is that we were both “hanging out” with the same guy back in college. I had no idea that he was “hanging out” with both herself and myself. I would have totally backed off if I knew he was taken or in the works of talking to another girl. He never said anything to me so I had no idea “A” was in the picture until my very good friend John told me that she and I were hanging out with the same guy…. needless to say I ended that REAL QUICK.

I don’t have the time or day for someone who has a prejudice and is so set in their ways that they become ignorant. Don’t lump me in with a stereotype. Get to know me before you assume that I am just like those girls you despise. It is just so baffling that this kind of mentality still exists. I just hope she can get to a place in her life where she doesn’t have such unnecessary prejudices.

Fashion Friday – Alfred Angelo: Cinderella

Another beautiful creation by Alfred Angelo! Needless to say.. my wedding dress will have to be one made by him. As a girl it is very natural of us to want to be a princess… especially a Disney princess! His Disney Princess inspired wedding dresses are just the thing that a girl needs to feel her most beautiful on her special day. This dress in particular has beautiful detailing to add just enough glitz without being too over the top. I also love the sheer cutout just to make sure the “girls” aren’t going anywhere haha

Motivational Monday 45

[Mistakes are what allows us to grow and learn. Life is not perfect and neither are we so we must trial and error life in order to know what is right vs. wrong. Life is a never ending learning experience so if you want to get anywhere in life you must try and fail if you must but always keep improving. Mistakes aren’t a sign of weakness but a sign of trying until you get it right.] -The Christine Life

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