Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons – August 2014

ROUND 1 – 8/16/14 – SATURDAY

- Club Crackers – 2x at $
– Suddenly Salad – 3x at $1.00 each
– Snackwell’s Cookies – $N/A
– Babybel Mini Cheese – $5.99

– Secret Outlast Deodorants – 2x at $4.99 each
– Axe Body Spray – 2x at
– Dial Bar Soaps (3-pk) -
– Crest Toothbrushes ON SALE for $1.99
– Swiffer WetJet Refill – $6.39
– Clorox Wipes – 2x at $2
– Febreze Aerosol Spray – $N/A
– Febreze Fabric Refresher -$N/A
– Febreze Candle – $N/A
– Soft Scrub -$N/A

$49.88 Total (before taxes)
$18.10 Super Double Coupons + eVIC coupons
$31.78 GRAND TOTAL (before taxes)


ROUND 1 – 8/17/14 – SUNDAY

- Minute Maid Apple Juice Boxes – $N/A

– Degree Deodorant – $4.99 each
– Garnier Fructis Shampoo – $N/A
– Herbal Essences Shampoo – 2x at $3.55 each
– Herbal Essences Body Wash – $N/A
– Pantene Shampoo – 2x at $3.99
– Crest Toothbrushes ON SALE for $1.99
– Crest Toothpaste – $N/A
– Tide Detergent – $N/A
– Tampax Pearl – $4.49
– Quilted Northern – $N/A
– Energizer batteries – $N/A
– Glade Candle – $3.75
– Glade Freshener – $3.99

$60.62 Total (before taxes)
$43.50 Super Double Coupons + eVIC coupons
$17.12 GRAND TOTAL (before taxes)

Excuse my N/A prices… My receipts were thrown out before I could document the prices for this post. Sorry!


Gas Station Stranger

So you know how people tell you that you shouldn’t get gas late at night?? Well tonight was a reason why… I don’t like letting the car I drive get below 1/4 of a tank so I decided to pull into the nearest gas station to put a little bit of gas so I didn’t have to deal with getting gas in the morning. I am of course minding my own business and pumping gas when a stranger comes out of nowhere and starts talking to me. He was a tall African American man asking me for some money so that he could make it to the nearest transit station. He proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t a crack head, crazy person, and etc. He also told me that when he asked people for help, he got nothing but derogatory slurs and names. Being the kind hearted person that I am, I didn’t have any cash on hand so I offered to buy him a snack and something to drink. I felt bad for him and I would want someone to help me in my time of need if I was in his shoes. I ended up buying him some snacks and two bottles of water. It was all that I could do since I had no money to give him. I hope his situation improves because we all fall into some hard times but it shouldn’t hinder you from turning a bad situation into a good one.

Motivational Monday 34

[You could be waiting around forever for that "perfect moment". Nothing is perfect and you must go after what you want when you want. You take all the time you need as long as you have your eyes set on the goals you want to accomplish. So go out there and make something happen for you!] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery is wearing my favorite color! This beautiful Elie Saab gown accentuates her figure and makes her look super tall! It is safe to say I love gowns made by Elie Saab. I am not sure where he pulls his inspiration but he knows what he is doing! Is it just me or is it weird seeing Lady Mary outside of her Downton Abbey period clothing?? It is almost like she is time jumping with the clothes she wears haha

Motivational Monday 33

[The news of Robin Williams' passing is terribly heartbreaking. We never know if we get a tomorrow so that is why you must live everyday to the fullest! Don't let anyone get you down and go after what makes you happiest. Life is too short to dwell on the negative so like the quote above, you take whatever spark you get and  you accomplish something great with it!] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Erin Andrews: 2014 Espy Awards

A vision in white! I love anything with bows! Erin Andrews is wearing this simple yet classy dress by Lanvin. I can’t keep white clean to save my life but if I could this dress is fabulous! The bow detail is not too much and gives the dress just enough flair to wear to a red carpet event. Her hair is swept back in a ponytail which is cute and so are her shoes and clutch. An overall classy look!

Digital Dealbreaker

Today on the Ace & TJ Show: With more people finding dates via social media (i.e. Tinder, Facebook) we have to ask this simple question…What is your digital dealbreaker? What would totally turn you off if you saw a potential date doing it on social media?

Where do I even begin?! Here is my list of  things you shouldn’t do if you are a guy trying to holler at me digitally:

1. Guys who don’t take the time to write out their words or messages to me are not worth my time. I use abbreviations sometimes but if you are communicating with just letters then why even bother texting me?? I am not a spelling or grammar nazi but I do appreciate guys who can spell and use grammar correctly.

2. STOP ASKING FOR PICS! We know what kind of  pics you want and if us girls have any class at all then we will not send them to you! Go google some naked girls and be done with it. Stop harassing us or call us names when we don’t want to stoop to that level of trashiness.

3. Respect my answer to whatever question you are asking. If I say I don’t want to meet up with you then I don’t want to meet up with you! Don’t assume you can word the same question in hopes I will change my mind.

4. Just straight up messing me: fwb? dtf? want to (fill in the blank)? These questions will go unanswered because I have some self worth and don’t feel like degrading myself with your “hit it and quit it” attitude. By not asking how I am or wanting to get to know me… there just isn’t any room for growth or loyalty.

I am sure I could come up with more but these are the main 4 that came to mind haha

Comedy’s tragic loss

Say it isn’t so! Not Robin Williams! The man who has brought so many people so many laughs… I am still in disbelief that he is no longer with us. I mean I know we all have to go sometime but not like this. He took his own life by asphyxiation. I had no idea he was battling so many internal demons or how severe his depression was. Robin Williams never seemed like the type to show you what he was going on internally because his passion in life was to make others smile, laugh, feel good. He showed no signs to anyone that he was going through depression or gave off any signs that suggested he needed professional medical help. No one really knows but assumes that the fame, the pressure, the constant need to be funny became too much for him. Only he knows. It is just heartbreaking that he felt that taking his own life was the only way to cope or deal with his depression. If he thought to seek help and find a doctor to help him without the media getting involved could have been a solution. Was he afraid of becoming addicted to the medication that could have been prescribed? Why did he feel like there were no other options? So many questions left unanswered…

All I can say is that I hope he is now in a better place. The world will not be the same without him. May you find the peace and solace you were looking for Robin Williams! You are greatly missed!

Motivational Monday 32

Happiness can be found, even  in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

-Albus Dumbledore

[I am a huge Harry Potter fan and this is one of my absolute favorite quotes. Recently a girl from Houston, Texas miraculously survived a shooting where she was the sole survivor and this is the quote she mentioned in her speech. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow so be blessed and thankful for what you have and don't focus so much on the negativity and hate that is in the world right now.] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Charlize Theron turns 39!

Charlize Theron just turned 39 yesterday! It was hard to choose just one but here are some unique and gorgeous choices that I love thus far. Long hair, short hair, updo, there isn’t any hairstyle she an’t rock! She looks great for her age and is always so stylish on the red carpet! Here’s to you Charlize and may you have many more fabulous years!

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