Fashion Friday – Neil Patrick Harris & Family: Halloween

How adorable is Neil Patrick Harris and his family?!?! They dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. How cute is that?? Their twins are obviously the main characters while Neil and his hubby are tweedle dee and tweedle dum.Β Themed family costumes are fun to pull off if you have the right amount of people :) Happy Halloweeen!

Motivational Monday 43

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

-Arthur Ashe

[We all have to start somewhere. Nothing is handed to us because life requires you to work hard and earn what you want for most people on this earth. Be resourceful. Don't let the negativity get you down. You should work at your own pace and don't let anyone dictate how you should or shouldn't do something. Stand up for what you believe in and achieve your goals for you.] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Kate Spade: 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag

Who doesn’t love a good bow?? Kate Spade does a phenomenal job with adding this bow detail to this Park Avenue Bag. The pops of colors are fun but I love the classic black! This bag is a little out of my price range but maybe one day? I LOVE bows and this bag screams ME! The bag is quite roomy and an adorable bag to carry on your arm. Good job Kate Spade!

Motivational Monday 42

If you can dream it, you can do it.

-Walt Disney

[Wise words from a man who had such an imaginative mind. There is a reason you are told at such a young age to DREAM BIG. Set your goals and aim high. You only get one shot at life and why not try your hardest to get to the success in life you deserve? So don't just keep on dreaming... make it happen!] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Michael Kors: Sophie Satchel

This gorgeous bag is called Sophie. I want to say it will be my next “fancy bag” purchase. I really like the shape the colors they come in are mainly neutrals so it makes it easier to go with all outfits. I was never a huge Michael Kors fan but this particular bag caught my eye. Of course I never pay for anything full price so I will have to be patient and buy this bag when it becomes affordable and friendly to my wallet.

Motivational Monday 41

[There are people you encounter in life that will either support or hinder you from personal success. Negativity will slow you down so keep your head up high and let the past stay in the past. Focus on you and your goals. Haters are going to hate. So let them. Achieve to be better than those who doubt you.] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Jennifer Lopez: VMA 2014

jlo-vmaJenny from the block still has it going on! She looks stunning from head to toe in this Charbel Zoe dress. There is nothing that she can’t pull off and every outfit looks so effortless. At her age she looks absolutely amazing even in this skimpy little number. The sequins remind me of chainmail but the classy version for a female. Silver is always such a timeless color no matter the season or occasion.

Motivational Monday 40

[Coming back to something later is one thing but forgetting to do something is basically cutting yourself short. Only you know what you want out of life so go after it!Β Live in the moment and act now. We only get one shot at life so make the most out of it.] -The Christine Life

Fashion Friday – Jessie J: VMA 2014

Jessie J looks like a Grecian goddess! Her dress is simple yet so majestic at the same time! The color complements her skin very well and I think she is rocking the look very well. The VMA generally allows artists and guests to wear any crazy outfits they want but it is nice to see some people know how to keep it classy and fun.

Motivational Monday 39

[Here is a dose of cuteness overload to start your Monday off right] -The Christine Life

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